Who am I? 

I started life in Gothenburg, Sweden. Early on, I found that creating things brought out the best in me. Whether it was drawing, sculpturing or painting, something about expressing my feelings in a creative way made sense to me. However, life took another turn when I joined the merchant navy and sailed the seven seas for over eight years. In 1991, I moved to Australia where I started and ran a successful real estate business for several years. Feeling something was missing, I went back to my calling and now, I dedicate my life to anything creative. My services include graphic design, digital media, advertising, photography and some very one of a kind, tailor-made Art Prints.

Hire me I’m really good!

What I do

Graphic Design
Digital Design
Finger Prints – Exclusively unique and personalised prints

My Services

Logo design, Brand identity, PowerPoint presentations, Catalogues, Brochures, Flyers, Point of sales, Advertisement, Magazine and Vector illustrations

Each print is individually customised to reflect the unique qualities of each individual – no two prints are ever the same– because no two people are ever the same.  “as unique as you are”

Web Design, Social Media, Interactive forms, E-books, Email Signatures,
TV Slides and Video Editing

Real Estate, Landscape, Wildlife and Product Photography.
Photo retouching and Photoshop manipulation.

Some Principles for Good Design

  • Good Design is innovative

  • Good design should be honest

  • Good design doesn’t date

  • Good Design makes a product understandable

  • Good Design is simple

  • Good Design is good business